“PAN” is panning out…

I always wonder how prequels are supposed to pan out. I don’t really understand the writer’s approach in carrying out a prequel that tells a different story to what you know.

Today I watched said 2015 film directed by Joe Wright, a film which looks at a forever, classic tale written almost 100 years earlier by the wondrous J. M. Barrie. Of course, the magical, never grow old tale of Peter Pan.

This film debutes, 13 year old Levi Miller who is know as Peter, an orphan growing up in World War Two who desperately wants to find his mother. His mother left him a note stating that she will see him in either this world or ‘another’.

As the special effects take hold, green screens are evident and terrible pauses that make no sense of what is actually happening, we follow Peter as he is captured by the dread pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) and forced to hunt for pixie dust or Pixum.

But who do we meet in the mines with our fellow Pan? Well its none other than James Hook (Garrett Hedlund). He is dashing, corny, cannot flirt to save his skin, a winker,  a lier but overall a lovely friend and counterpart to Peter. He reminds me of Indiana Jones with his cowboy hat, rugged look, and perfectly evident stubble. Not the Captain Hook from the 1991 ‘Hook’ with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman or the 1950s Disney Film as we notice black wig, red getup, hook for a hand. This Hook has a home with his ‘love’ Tiger Lily and his best friend ‘Pan’.

The film ends with Peter rescuing all the boys from the orphanage to go and live in Neverland. Tiger Lily and Hook steer the Jolly Roger towards Neverland and Peter and Nibs are commanding where to go. Peter and Hook exchange conversation that they will always be friends.


Captain Hook hates Pan. Pan cut off his hand and fed it to a bloody, flying crocodile that goes tick. tock. Hook captures Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is like a child.

Why did I just watch a film I bought for $19.95 for Pan and Hook who are allies and obviously will grow their friendship but in reality they are sworn enemies. Why do the people who made this film think it was the best way to bring a prequel to adoring Peter Pan fans?

To make matters worse, I fell in love with Hook and Pan and their friendship. But it was all for nothing. Nothing. Why?? Why??

Ok, there are some good attributes to this story. The plot was upsetting when little Pan started to cry when he saw his dead mother come alive from the bodies of fairies. Pirate ships could fly, Cara Delevingne is beautiful as three mermaids- Hook was over the moon when he saw three. I wonder what his thoughts were. Tiger Lily’s people were vibrant, colourful and they even burst into colourful dust when killed. The tribe was made up of different ethnicities as the main tribal leader was Aboriginal but Tiger Lily had an American Accent. It was interesting…

Apparently there is a Pan 2 taking hold or in development. I am curious to see if they decide to tell the story of why Pan and Hook are enemies. To tell the truth, I am more disappointed than anything. A wonderful story with so many majestic plot twists and colourful, charismatic characters. It is constantly being changed and remodelled for every single director or writer.

I wonder what will be next.

The Untold Story of why Smee wears baggy pants…


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