Vampires and Love. What could go wrong?

How can something beautiful and life changing just stop or be erased? Yes something supernatural happened and compulsion occurred by a original, hot, (former) vampire hunter that can erase even the loving yet blood thirsty vampire protagonist.

Ok vampires, supernatural, hunters that use stakes and vervain. What is Jess getting at? Has she been watching too much Supernatural/ Vampire Diaries? Well yes and yes BUT what I do not understand is one thing.

How can a love that consumes one person enough to utterly be in complete and total pain if the other love dies, a love that even though all the bad stuff has happened; joy and purity is shown more brightly, a love that was destined for death, a love found in another’s brother… HOW CAN A LOVE THAT SPECIAL JUST BE ERASED?

Well yes I get it’s supernatural and it’s a TV show and not real. However, it still doesn’t make sense.

When I watched the Damon/Elena reunion in S6 ep 6 ( I think its the right one). My heart starts to beat. LOOK AT HER FACE. LOOK AT HIS BLUE EYES. THEY ARE TO DIE FOR, ELENA. HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THOSE EYES, HIS HAIR, HIS SMILE, THE BODY. ELENA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????????????

Note: I love Damon (Ian Somerhalder- Lost, CSI, Smallville. The guy married to Nikki Reed who is ironically a vampire in Twilight. He’s also an animal activist and against all cruelty. He is kinda great).

Anyway. They look at each other. He gets awkward. She feels guilty cause she can’t remember anything. Thanks Ric for wiping her memories. She shuts the door.

Later in the episode or two they talk again and blah blah blah. Nothing happens, until she nearly dies by going past the border for Mystic Falls and starts to recall memories as she is chocking on water. She wants to keep trying. He lets her go.


It works in Once upon a Time, all those Disney movies. Why not now? She still loves him but it’s kinda hid by a mask. So wouldn’t that break the spell?

I do not get it. Even if it doesn’t work, at least they kissed (Isn’t that right all you Elena/Damon lovers?) Damon’s been locked in Kai’s prison for like 6 months now or something right? He just needs a little loving and Elena did say he had pretty eyes.

Over six seasons, this happens. My heart can’t take it. I hope my emotions survive, I have already cried once today. Over Damon. A fiction but bloody good looking and fantastically developed character.



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