Education is a powerful tool. So keep finding ways to improve.

I always say that I don’t like change but change happens when you least expect it. Big things have happened which don’t need to be shared but there is something that I want to try.
Most of you know that I am a teacher. I love teaching. I love my kids. But I want something to add to my teaching. I don’t really want to go back to University or TAFE but I would love to do something online to add to my degree.
I have searched for ages on what I would like to follow. My friend suggested ‘Educational Officer’. It hit me. I love animals. I hate animal cruelty. I love teaching children about important things; fair trade, slave labour, gender generalisation, families caught up in war, history etc. I would love to be an education officer that specialises in teaching our kids about conservation.
I actually was going to stop my degree at the end of 2013 and do some vet nurse courses up in Sydney. I decided to change my early childhood degree to just primary cause I wanted to do something I loved.

But now I need to do something different. I am searching education officers everywhere. Taronga Zoo. Reptile Park (I don’t like snakes and reptiles though). I will continue searching for the rest of the year but my new year resolution will be to find somewhere or a course to study.

What will my new year resolutions be while I am pondering on the new year?

1. Be happy.

Whether this is by working my two amazing jobs. (I love, love, love my weekend job and the awesome chickadees who are a part of it and I love teaching). Or I love myself more and more  (Eating healthily, exercising, loving who I am).  Being single and meeting new people, or old ones.

2. Social Media is not important

Go out and explore! Find hobbies off Facebook. There is a better life out there. Researching, experimenting, meeting new people, dancing, letting loose, asking questions about the world, going on adventures.

3. Family and Friends

Developing my relationships with family and friends. I lost touch alot when I stopped going to a church and I renounced my faith. I hope to reconnect with some of my old friends or make new ones.
Being there and loving my family. They keep growing in numbers but I love them! Finding new ways to develop those relationships.

I guess it’s 2016 soon and change has happened. I’m keen. What are you keen for?


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