Where art thou Christmas?

When people say they do not like Christmas, I just do not understand. Christmas is that time when everything comes to an end. If you have had a terrible year or you just found that 2015 didn’t make the cut, you can conclude it with 25th of December. It’s the time of year where you see the reality of human kindness. You can open your heart to the joys of love, family and giving. My Christmas is always like that in the songs. Not literally as in “chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ cause imagine that in Aussie Land- the fire engine would be all over you= fine!

I’d also like to think that Christmas involves “my singlet, shorts and thongs’, ‘dodging kangaroos’ or even ‘kelpie by my side’. I like to think I’m a true blue, born, Australian girl but no way am I dressed like that, see a Kangaroo in my Ute (which is actually a Toyota Yaris) and my cats Chloe and Angel which could pass as a dog. In fact, I like to dress up for Christmas. Santa hat, Christmas earrings and a nice dress to wear especially.

I like to imagine Christmas in old black and white photograph. Candles, stockings, egg nog. Imagine a white Christmas in America. Oh the Joys and it’s my dream. Where we can have chestnuts roasting on an open fire and not be fined hundreds of dollars. Where we can snuggle up under the fire and share Christmas stories and sing carols.






But I also enjoy the Christmas my family have. We all bring a main, a vegetable and a dessert. We eat together and share how our lives are panning out. We talk about relationships and struggles and we load on each other. It’s one of the most beautiful conversations to happen.

We share our Secret Santa’s which we got for the kids and we sing carols. The children laughing and screaming at their toys and there is so much excitement. Hugs and Kisses are exchanged.

Before we know it, Christmas is over but it’s showed our true colours. We open our hearts and share in the goodness and love from those around us. We await what will happen in 2016 and we take a new and shaky breath.

It’s terrifying but Christmas gives us the courage to put our best foot forward and begin again.



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