Every single time I walk into a shop and buy different items  like 5 packers of paddlepop sticks, 5 rolls of  masking tape and 3 metres of string. I get asked, are you either a teacher or some sort of serial killer? 

First, how did you get both of those? How is it evident that I am a teacher buying lose items? I wouldn’t stereotype teachers to buy paddlepop sticks, tape and string. I feel like that is one of the  most weirdest things for a teacher to buy. Yes I am a teacher and yes I bought the paddlepop and the tape for a maths lesson but seriously? And number 2. Really? What is the world coming too? Why would you even ask that question dude? 

Humans are strange. Really strange. I don’t understand the concept behind people’s thoughs and actions sometimes. Like humans are really, really stupid and they don’t even realise it. I witnessed someone back into another persons car today and I told the man what he had done. His response that 1. He wasn’t driving 2. There is no other car and 3. I am blind. 

Like stupid. Man you are so stupid.

Trying to weasel out of a situation that isn’t even that complicated. People keep making mistakes or being stupid without owning up to their stupid ways. 

That’s what makes me feel angry at  humans in this world at the moment.  Own up and be s bigger man. 


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