I love it. Simple as that.

It’s weird. Some days you can be ecstatic about and loving your placement on this earth. Then another day, you can feel absolutely treacherous and feel like someone is out to tell you every little thing that is about you wrong.

When those days pop up, I eat chocolate and watch Skins. It’s one of those things that calms and relaxes me.

I’m not saying I had a bad day today, I actually really enjoyed it. I love teaching. I am so grateful and glad I got my school. My kids are like a family and even though they are annoying at times, I love each and every one. My teacher is fantastic, beautiful and so talented with her teaching. I feel like our friendship is going to go far and I have loved having her mentor me in the class.

Everyone at my school is a family, a team, a community. I love them. I have never been to a school where I strongly have felt ‘this is home’. I even want to move up that way. It will be bloody brilliant. I have even made beautiful friends who make me laugh everyday. God, teachers are hilarious!

In 2 weeks, I can finish off everything I need to get done, prep for my interview and hopefully get steady, casual work. I am soooo excited. Everything is kicking off and its made me so excited for the future.

I wake up everyday positive with a story to tell.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.


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