How does one choose to change so suddenly? For all the wrong reasons? Warning: I swear

Sometimes I just want people to understand what I am meant to be communicating. What I want them to understand. Its not always about you. You are not the centre of the universe. Yeah you are important. But not the god of all creation. Who knows who that is?

Sometimes I get so agitated with people who think life is all about them. It’s not. Everyone has hardships, everyone is going through crap that you don’t know about. People are struggling. So really, its not about you.

Dont let that bring you down.

Stay positive. Thats what I think.

In Chris Miles (Skins) quote that he relied everything on in his lifetime. I conclude with his statement:

“Just fuck it”.


(Yeah sorry for all those religious people who don’t like me swearing, you gotta deal with it cause life goes on).


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