The change that threw my life into a great ball of beauty

So about 5 months ago, my best friend who was my rock, my shelter, everything that made me come alive, had to depart from Australia and go searching for work elsewhere.

The feeling that one feels when this happens is pretty terrible. I admit that I cried at nights because she wouldn’t be there to help me with certain problems or decisions I had to make. She was always reminding me of Jesus’ love for me.

But because life goes on and we get busy. I forgot. I forgot what it was like to have someone there all the time. I forgot the feeling that I felt when I confided in her about issues or feelings with my anxiety. I forgot the way I felt when we talked about boys.

And we fell out of contact for 4 months. Yeah the occasional message on Facebook or even a text message but she was over in Italy working and I was teachering in Australia. It was conflicting, terrible, I was secretly hating on myself for letting her leave and secretly despising the government for sending her away.

We discussed my lifestyle now. I told her that I am living my life without being subjected to conformity or religion. I don’t want to be apart of that anymore. I told her I was happy and content and I have never felt like that before. I changed and it was good.

Today she rang. And I picked up. Her from Italy, I from Australia. Suddenly the feeling of home, best friend, sister, connection, love, hope appeared. I felt like we connected on so many levels as I listened and we laughed.

We joked and ranted and cried.

It was the best thing that I have experienced to date. I couldn’t just write a Facebook status on this. This has changed me.

This best friend whom I haven’t seen forever, gave me a smile that will never dampen or go away. She is doing it tough but she is changing. She is going down a new path and I am excited to see her soon.

I love you Kate.


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