I am..

Sometimes people tell me I am quiet and that I don’t talk much or I don’t express my opinion. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be that person that has all the answers. To know all the content, to know so much information locked away in their long term memory. Sometimes I envy that.

Yeah I am quiet. But its not because I don’t know anything or I am trying to suck everything in and not contribute. I am just quiet. I like to be quiet. I like to listen. I’m a listener and a feeler. Sometimes I will disappear from the grid and noone notices but its ok because I’m also a thinker.

I like to think about other people. To ponder life. To wonder how my family are doing. Hoping that they are ok and are enjoying their life. I have family in different countries, family that don’t know me and that’s ok. I am a believer in love. A believer in that they are ok and living their life.

I am different. I am not normal. Sometimes I get told this and I have to agree. I do things differently. I want to be different. I like to be different.

If I’m loud and I talk more it means I am comfortable with you, you are like home. You are who I trust.

But I am still quiet. I like it.


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