A different feeling; a good one

So the other day I discovered a feeling. A feeling that I have not felt in a very long time. It was weird.

I was standing behind my counter at work looking after the shop. There are mirrors everywhere. Like everywhere. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a mirror. As I was waiting, a regular customer who I haven’t seen in a while comes in. The first thing she told me was “You look amazing- have you lost weight?”

It’s interesting because yes I have lost weight but I haven’t completely realised it. Like I have a little bit but I also didn’t realise it was that obvious.

Until. yes you guessed it. Mirrors. Check out left, right and centre.
OMG. I have really. I have lost it. That is pretty exciting.
As I go home, I check the scales to see.

Over the course of probably a couple of months of just eating better and doing regular exercise I have lost 10 kg. Although it sounds not that much. It still feels like a lot. Now i know I can still keep loosing the weight by continually doing what I have been doing BUT  now I actually feel something.

I’m happy. I’m content. I like the way I look. I gotta keep going to be completely satisfied. But atm I am actually happy. What a weird feeling.

Haha 🙂 mirror-1148


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