The wonders of being naked

So last week I read this article about

It’s therapeutic to sleep naked- here are the results’.

Ok my first thought was “What the heck?” Like seriously, who would sleep naked, that’s totally crazy (well unless you have a partner or whatever).

Then me being the totally gullible, just one peek, maybe its proven crap my brain comes up with. I decide to read the article.

Naked woman picture CHECK

Information about the benefits of sleeping naked CHECK

No evidence of proven statistics CHECK

But then… just one sentence got me. I know cliche. Whatever. But seriously it was:

Sleeping naked ‘proven’ fact that you can get a flatter stomach.


I may of nearly peed a little ( not really cause that’s freaking gross).

It got me. A flatter stomach. So I struggle with weight but i don’t care that much. Still what a bonus. Sleep naked and you get a flipping flat stomach.

So it got me thinking.

Will i sleep naked tonight? Will i be brave? Or is it totally weird?

So as I prepare for bed I put a dressing gown next to it (just in case of mid toilet breaks so i don’t scare the living daylights out of my housemates).

I get in. It feels refreshing. It really does.

Flatter stomach. flatter stomach. flatter stomach.

Is all I’m thinking about.

Small, flat, small, flat.. hell yes…

Sleep comes..

All good.

And then…

I wake up half conscious/ half asleep and start walking towards the door. (I’m a sleepwalker).

Start to open it and SNAP. I am naked. I know this because everything feels breezy and its flipping cold.

Completely freaked out I just put on clothes. Any clothes I do not care… Cover it up. Quickly.

But then i just fall back into sleep.

Next morning

Me with

1. Pants on my top half and my work shirt up one leg.

I don’t think nakedness cuts out for me.

And after all of that..

My stomach is not flatter

Screw you naked article.

The wonders of the internet.

I didn’t get a flatter stomach, but at least i didn’t scare myself or my housemates half to death!

What will be instore next? What will grab my attention?

Probably a box full of tiny cute little fluffy puppies.

Cause im a sucker for that!


2 thoughts on “The wonders of being naked

  1. bahaha this is the best! keep trying – you’ll realise soon enough..

    I’m totally on the naked sleeping team. can’t beat it.


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