Taking that first step

Ive noticed recently how much humans rely on other humans to communicate and form relationships with them. The feeling that it isn’t my job to talk or make eye contact, but its their job to take initiative and talk about my dress that has blotches of paint on it.

Ive recently been checking out churches based on my belief that churches need to be intimate with a relationship with each other as well as God. Now me personally not that I wasn’t intimate with my church. The metaphor is that ive been caught in the big waves swallowing me up like Jonah and the whale. Its big and I’m becoming claustrophobic.

I went to a church and absolutely loved the sermon and the music and the intimacy of the family (it was only small). However little things like communion done wrong and not actually giving praise where praise should be given..

The overall put off is the communication. Absolutely no welcoming after the sermon. Even though i loved the singing and praising and listening to a talk that was very application based, i still felt downcast and frustrated.

I made eye contact. I smiled. Still nothing…

Isn’t churches supposed to be welcoming? Aren’t they supposed to be a place that welcomes in new people? Aren’t they supposed to care?  Jesus talks about loving people as his second command. So why aren’t we loving the newbies?

It put me off this church. Which really really really is upsetting.

I guess that’s the human race though right? If something better comes along, go for it right?

Its that whole belonging crap right tho? We learned about it in English and high school. It doesn’t just apply there though. Broader, wider, crazier scale.

Acceptance should be found everywhere, yet its not.

Taking my first step.. change.. it didn’t work out for me.

Back to where i started in a place i didn’t feel right in? No.

I need to change. We need to change. Love before selfishness

We are humans. But we can change.

Lets make people happy rather than depressed. Intrigued rather than disappointed.

Take that first step.


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